Should You Include Temp Work on a Resume?

Working with a staffing agency can give you valuable experience.

Writing a resume can be tricky—How do you organize past experiences? What is the best way to explain your work history? If you’ve worked in temp positions, you might be even more confused. Should you include these short-term jobs on your resume? How do you list them? At Penmac, we know the job search process can be overwhelming, and we’re here to help. The key to writing a great resume is to remember that it is just a way to share your experiences and qualifications to potential employers—that includes both long-term and temporary opportunities.


Temporary work is valuable.

Some job seekers are worried that temporary work doesn’t look good on a resume, but the truth is that there are a lot of positive aspects of working for a staffing agency. Temporary employees share a lot of good traits, such as flexibility, the ability and willingness to learn new things, and a variety of different skills. Sometimes, working a temp job is your best option—maybe you’re between jobs, or trying to learn what industry you want to work in. Accepting a temporary position shows a strong work ethic. Employers would rather see that you’re working, regardless of the position, than that you’re unemployed, waiting for the perfect opportunity.


Show your temporary work on your resume.

When you’re listing your temporary positions on your resume, group them together under the staffing agency to show consistency. This shows employers that you aren’t a flight risk. You may have been on different assignments over a period of time, but you were working with the same employer, the staffing agency. If all of your assignments have been in a similar industry, you can include that in the heading as well. If you want to include the business you were placed at, you can. For instance, a resume entry describing temp work might look like this.


Penmac Staffing, May 2014-present

Key Assignments, Clerical

  • Data Input Specialist, ABC Company: Created a dozen client reports reflecting monthly budget numbers to effectively communicate with customers.
  • Office Clerk, Al’s Accounting: Fielded phone calls and managed schedules for 6 employees.


Whether your resume includes temp work, or just lists traditional positions, all resumes should be error free. Be sure to double-check your grammar and spelling. If you need assistance, stop by a local Penmac, and we would be happy to help!