Why Blue Collar Workers Can Earn More Green

Manufacturing offers more jobs, money, and meaning.

Do you enjoy the satisfaction of creating a tangible product? Do you prefer working in an active environment? If so, you’re in good company. The manufacturing sector makes up nearly 9% of total employment in the United States, providing jobs for 12 million workers. While many schools emphasize college degrees and professional careers, blue-collar workers make up a vital part of our nation. Labor industries generate more than 12% of the total gross domestic product. If you’re one of these valued workers, or are considering a career in the manufacturing industry, consider these three benefits.


  1. You find more jobs.

The nation is desperate need of individuals to work in manufacturing and labor positions. In March of this year, there were 320,000 open jobs. As more workers retire, that number is only set to increase. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that laborers and material handlers are among the 20 job industries set to have future growth. This is a great opportunity for individuals looking for employment in these positions, and for those millennials who are choosing careers.


  1. You earn more money.

While some people choose to pursue college degrees, others prefer to get right to work. For these individuals, manufacturing jobs are a great option. On average, workers without degrees who choose jobs in manufacturing earn almost 11% more than similar workers in other non-labor positions. Such workers also increase their lifetime earning potential, because they also begin earning salaries sooner than those who take time out for college and avoid student loan debt. The sooner you begin work, the earlier you start developing a relationship with a company, giving you potential for more future growth.


  1. You do meaningful work.

In addition to growing opportunities and earning potential, blue-collar work is rewarding. Manufacturing jobs make up the backbone of the American economy, directly and indirectly impacting nearly all other industries. Families and businesses rely on these hard workers to make the products and manage the processes that make our days run smoothly. Laborers get to work with their hands, and have the satisfaction of seeing a tangible result at the end of the day—something that benefits people. They must have problem solving skills and the knowledge to produce quality work, as well as physical skills to get the job done.


At Penmac, we recognize the value of hard work, and appreciate the laborers who keep our nation strong. Blue-collar work is useful and meaningful, and can turn into a profitable and rewarding career. Stop by your local Penmac office today to learn more about a position that could be right for you.