Do Job Interviews Make Your Head Spin?

Learn how to ease your stress before your next interview.

County fairs are in full swing! Kids are squeezing some last-minute fun into their summer vacations—going to the fair to enjoy tasty treats, good music, and daring rides. Many of us have childhood memories of standing in line for a ride that looks both fun and intimidating, but somehow we work up the nerve to get on. Similarly, job hunting can take nerves of steel; when an employer calls you for an interview, you might feel like a kid again, both excited and anxious for what is to come. It’s natural to be nervous for an upcoming interview, but there are several things you can do to calm your nerves before and during an interview.



First, realize most people get nervous about interviews. Getting a new job is a significant event, and most people don’t take it lightly. Because of this, it’s natural to have a little anxiety. Understanding that you’re not alone can ease some of your worries. Being well prepared also helps. Learn about the business so you know what to expect when you go in for your interview. Practice answers to interview questions so you have plenty of time to think of what you want to say ahead of time. Don’t remember your answers verbatim, but have an idea of what you want to communicate. Also prepare logistics ahead of time—iron your clothes, print your resume, and look up directions. Being prepared will increase your confidence going into an interview, and will make it a less stressful experience.



On the day of the interview, plan to arrive a few minutes early. This will allow you extra time in case there is traffic, and will give you a few moments to collect yourself before going in. During the interview, try reminding yourself that an interview is just a conversation. It’s an opportunity for the company to get to know you and vice versa. Keeping this in mind will take the pressure off. Try to relax and don’t fidget. Take deep breaths and remember that it is okay to pause to think about answers before immediately responding. Also, don’t put too much emphasis on one interview; there are other jobs out there. An interview is both an opportunity for you and the potential employer to see if employment would be successful.


The job hunting process can feel like a rollercoaster sometimes, but don’t let it get on your nerves. An interview could be your first step in a new adventure. To ease some of the stresses of looking for employment, contact your local Penmac Staffing. We would be happy to help you with interview tips.