How You Can Turn Temp Work into A Career

Find success in the workplace with these four traits.

When you think of a temp agency, you might think just that—temporary, but at Penmac Staffing, we have had numerous associates find success in long-term careers over the years. Among them, former Penmac associate Allan Gaddis, who went from working a temp-to hire position in Marshfield to being in charge of opening a new production plant for Penmac client, Kosan Crisplant.


Allan’s Story

In January 2014, Penmac placed Allan Gaddis in his first position with Kosan, a company based in Marshfield, MO. Staffing Specialist Micayla Helms noted, “Allan was a very hardworking employee. I never had to worry about him being late or missing work. He did a very good job for Penmac, and I am very pleased with Allan’s performance.”

Kosan Crisplant was pleased with Allan’s performance as well, and hired him on as a permanent employee in October 2014. Then, earlier this year, Kosan management asked Allan if he would be interested in relocating to Sebring, Florida to oversee the opening of a new production plant, planned to open this May. Allan will be in charge of hiring and training employees for the new plant.

Allan, who moved from Honduras to Wisconsin in 1994, and then to Missouri in 1995, likes the opportunity to travel. His future goals with Kosan are to manage the new Florida plant, and eventually help open more locations. “I am learning a lot and developing knowledge in a lot of areas,” Allan explained. “I am always trying to learn something new.”

Allan said he’s grateful for Penmac getting him started. “I was very successful with Penmac,” Allan noted. “This was not the first time Penmac has helped me find a job. If I ever needed help finding employment again, I would definitely come back to Penmac.” Penmac is proud to be a part of the success of this dedicated individual.


Your Story

You might be wondering, “How do I find the same success with Penmac?” We thought you might ask, so we asked experts in the field for advice. “What are the traits of associates who find the most success with Penmac?” Penmac branch managers from several locations chimed in, and agreed on four traits that can help you succeed.

1. Motivation: Associates that are motivated to succeed generally will. Did you take the initiative to complete the application, to visit your nearest Penmac, and finish your interview and testing? Or, did you wait for Penmac to call you to check your availability and schedule an interview and assignments?

2. Attitude: Jennifer Vannoster, Branch Manager of the Miami, OK Penmac, says some of the best associates have that “Can-Do Attitude.” They are open-minded to different opportunities and willing to try new things.

3. Dependability: Being punctual for interviews and work assignments is essential to your success. Do people know they can rely on you to complete the tasks you say you’re going to do? Reliability will go a long way in the workplace.

4. Cooperative: Deanna McNew, Penmac Area Manager of the West Plains and Houston, MO offices, notes that someone who “gets along well with others” is going to do well in a job with Penmac.


At Penmac, we want our associates to succeed. Nixa Branch Manager, Gillian Hamm, emphasizes that it’s the Penmac team that helps provide associates with the tools necessary to be successful. She believes success is built through the relationship of the Penmac team and the job seeker. Stop by a Penmac office today to meet with a Staffing Specialist who can help you start your career story.