High School Graduates can Earn a $100 Bonus!

Also enter to win a $25 iTunes gift card!

Congratulations, graduates! This month, you’ll be finished with high school and ready to take the next step in your life—looking for a job. This can be an overwhelming and intimidating task, but Penmac Staffing is here to help.


How do staffing agencies work?

Penmac Staffing is an employment agency that helps people find jobs for free. Businesses hire us to help them fill their open jobs. We hire people of all skill levels in a wide variety of industries. Now that you’ve earned your high school diploma, businesses are excited to have you join the workforce, and Penmac is happy to connect you with many great companies!


What types of jobs do you have?

Some of our jobs are temporary, which are ideal for those of you looking for a summer job before college. Many of our jobs are temp-to-hire, which means Penmac can help you get your foot in the door and start your career with an excellent employer! Whether you’re looking for a job in an office, or a position with a manufacturer or other industrial company, the staffing specialists at Penmac will work with you to get to know your goals and needs.


How can I earn the $100 Bonus?

To help you get started in your first job after high school, Penmac Staffing is offering a $100 bonus to 2015 graduates! The bonus will be paid after you complete your first 160 hours (four full-time weeks) on the job with Penmac.


How do I enter to win a $25 iTunes gift card?

Text PENMAC.GRAD2015 to 292929 to enter to win a $25 iTunes gift card. There will be many lucky winners! You’ll also receive occasional text messages from Penmac with updates about job opportunities in your area. Standard messaging rates apply. Opt-out by replying STOP.


Ready to take that next step? Apply for jobs online at www.penmac.com, and one of our staffing specialists will contact you with your next step, which likely will be to visit your local Penmac office for an interview. We look forward to seeing you!