The Key to Making Temps Part of Your Team

Good communication keeps temporary and permanent staff working together.

Baseball season is in full swing! As you cheer on your favorite team, consider the value of teamwork in your company. If you’re like most businesses that use temporary staffing, you also have a group of permanent employees on your payroll. To ensure a positive company culture, it is important to facilitate good relationships between both employee groups. There are several actions you can take to encourage these interactions.


First, be sure to explain the benefits of temporary staffing to your employees. Temporary workers allow companies to quickly adapt to changing workplace needs, such as seasonal projects, absences, or peaks in production. Businesses can increase productivity and reduce operating costs. Often, businesses can use HR agencies to evaluate an employee before deciding to hire them permanently. Sharing the reasons behind your staffing decisions helps temporary employees feel valued and makes permanent employees feel secure in their positions.


Communication is the most essential part of successful workplace relationships. After describing how temporary workers help your business, be sure to clearly define each position. Each individual should know exactly what his or her duties are, and how those tasks fit into the larger company goal. In addition, give your staff feedback about performance and progress toward meeting goals. Encourage employees to ask questions when a task is unclear. Also, create open relationships between all employees by pairing temporary and permanent workers. This gives the temporary person a mentor who serves as a training resource. It also works to make the permanent employee feel valuable to the company as a whole.


As an employer, it is essential that you lead the company by modeling open communication to your employees. These interactions will promote teamwork, increase productivity, and ensure a satisfied workforce.