How to Choose a Career

Consider your values, interests, and qualifications when looking for a job.

When people come to Penmac Staffing seeking work, our priority is finding them a job. However, temporary employment also gives associates an opportunity to learn more about different careers. As you work in temporary positions, you can learn more about a variety of industries and businesses. This lets you explore vocations that you might want to pursue as a permanent career. As you learn more about different jobs, keep in mind the following things.



As you consider what kind of position you might want, take inventory of your personal and workplace values. Your values are the things most important to you. Do you appreciate flexibility, routine, or creativity? How important are salary and benefits to you? Are you willing to make a sacrifice in salary in order to do a job you love? Make a list of careers you might be interested in, and then take some time to think about the values that are most essential to your life.



Knowing your interests can give you necessary clues about what type of job might suit you. For instance, if you like physical, hands-on activities, you wouldn’t want to pursue a desk position. On the other hand, if you enjoy analyzing charts and focusing on details, you might consider a job that utilizes those skills. Do you like mechanics, cars, art, or nature? Think about the things you might enjoy doing in your spare time and take these things into consideration as you think about employment.



While it is important that you look for a job that matches your values and interests, you must also decide if it is realistic. Even if you value creativity and are interested in art, being an artist might not make sense if you don’t have an artistic background or if there isn’t a need for an artist in your area. Reflect on your own personality, but also think about your skills, past experiences, and what is reasonable for the area you live in. Are you qualified to do the work? Are there employment openings in that industry in your town?


As you explore different careers that you might want to pursue, remember to have an open mind about trying new things. If you receive a job assignment that you aren’t initially interested in, consider the overall benefits that accepting the job would bring. You would gain experience important for a resume, and develop essential work ethic values. Then, when you do find a position you would like to grow with, employers will respect that you have built good work skills and employment history.


When you’re placed in a job through Penmac, try to learn as much as you can about the business. Ask yourself if it’s something you can see yourself doing long-term. Knowing your personal values, interests, and qualifications will help as you look for the perfect career.