Penmac Supports United Way

Employees raise money for local organization.


Each fall, Penmac Staffing supports its local communities by participating in an annual workplace campaign for United Way. Employees from all 31 Penmac branches work to raise awareness and funds for neighbors in need. For four weeks, employees are encouraged to give, advocate, and volunteer through weekly e-mails, social media, and fundraising.

The United Way is an international, nonprofit organization that works to help individuals and families reach their potential through education, health, and safety. To achieve this, United Way works in the community to understand needs and mobilize resources to meet those needs. The United Way supports many agencies, including the American Red Cross, the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, and more.

When Penmac employees contribute to the campaign, either through a one-time donation, or through payroll deductions, their money is used locally. This year, Penmac offered associates the opportunity to get involved, too. Temporary workers employed through Penmac offices this fall were able to take part in the workplace campaign. Penmac’s corporate office has offered a matching incentive to encourage participation, and hopes to get all employees involved.

Penmac Staffing is proud to be a supporter of United Way. In addition to the annual workplace campaign, Penmac participates in the Day of Caring, an annual single-day volunteer event, where businesses encourage employees to use their time helping an area organization. Last year, over 1,700 volunteers participated the Springfield, MO Day of Caring, representing 85 businesses, and helping 55 agencies. Penmac also supports the Suit Yourself Boutique, a United Way clothing boutique for women entering the workforce who are in need of workplace appropriate clothing. Patti Penny, Penmac Founder and Chairwoman of the Board, has been integral to the success of Suit Yourself.

This year, Penmac Staffing encourages other businesses and individuals to join the cause. Learn more about the United Way in your area at